Feb 2020 - New publication on field based experimental study of HVDC subsea cable EMF interaction with benthic species. [See Knowledge Base - Reports & Publications]

Dec 2019 - Andrew selected as co-Chair of the new ICES working group on Offshore Wind Development and Fisheries (WGOWDF).


Oct 2019 - Andrew Guest Editor of Journal of Fish Biology Special Issue on 'The Sensory Ecology of Fishes'.

Sept/Oct 2018 -A series of cross disciplinary and integrated research publications highlighting cumulative environmental assessment and pragmatic considerations of how offshore structures interact with the marine environment. [See Knowledge Base - Reports & Publications]

Sept/Oct 2018 - Initial stages of acoustic tracking of migratory american eels over an HVDC power cable 

The study of free ranging migratory eels is taking place in Long Island Sound this Fall. Next year we will undertake 3-D tracking of eels within enclosures either on or off the electricity cable to test for direct responses to anthropogenic EMF. Collaborative research project with University of Rhode Island, Swedish Defence Agency. Funded by US Federal Agency BOEM 2018-2020. 

March 2018 - Report released on EMF impacts on migratory and mobile animals

The report documents the novel findings from a two-year, collaborative, multi-disciplinary project led by The University of Rhode Island (with Andrew Gill acting as co-PI) and contracted by the USA Federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) entitled "Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Impacts on Elasmobranch (sharks, rays, and skates) and American Lobster Movement and Migration from Direct Current Cables." [read report]

March 2018 - ICES workshop

Andrew co-chaired a recent ICES workshop hosted at the Marine Institute in Galway, Ireland. The workshop brought together international marine benthic ecologists leading research into the interactions between marine benthic ecosystems and marine renewable energy developments


Feb 2018 - Euromarine workshop

The workshop was titled 'Ecosystem changes associated with offshore wind farms: bridging the gap between biogeochemical effects and its repercussions for ecosystem functioning and services'.  Held at the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) – Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany. Andrew was an invited expert leading a session on pressures and impacts relation to ecosystem function and offshore wind farm developments.